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Dr. Anabel Jensen en haar collega’s van Six Seconds verzorgen als hoofdspreker van het Novilo Congres 2020 een aantal boeiende workshops en lezingen voor ons. Ze spreken  tijdens de Studiedag op 28 oktober en de Congresdag op 30 oktober. Hieronder staat meer informatie over deze sessies (die in het Engels zullen plaatsvinden) en haar biografie.

Novilo Studiedag
Woensdag 28 oktober

Motivate the unmotivated!
Come to this presentation and learn a surefire formula for increasing motivation for yourself, students, or employees. Discover a formula that reduces motivation to the key elements and ensures encouragement and focus. Apply the formula in order to spark insatiable quests for knowledge and/or performance. View case studies that highlight the necessary skills. Analyze the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and how to measure within the classroom or office. The five (5) most influencing factors for increasing motivation are defined and examples are provided for child, student, or employee. Participate in a challenging interactive exercise to measure your own level of motivation. The session concludes with key tips on how to avert perfectionism–the enemy of motivation.

Novilo Studiedag
Donderdag 29 oktober

Got EQ! Come and further your understanding of the difference between an IQ score and an EQ score. 
The rationale for the value of
each will be identified.  The Six Seconds Model of emotional intelligence will be explained and illustrated with a role model for each competency. Definitions, examples, games and activities for developing all competencies will be shared. The session will conclude with an emphasis on building and developing the skill of optimism. Optimism is a very specific explanatory style for coping with adversity. Did you know that optimists vs. pessimists are healthier, live longer, and make more money? Optimists also have more friends, cope better with stress, and achieve greater success.  Discover how to analyze your challenges and tie them to essential values that help combat anxiety and depression. Receive a free learning tool: The Optimism Cube. Playing this game with family and friends will help you understand the value and importance of this skill for sustaining and nurturing a positive, problem-solving approach to the daily challenges of life. Turn any hardship into a learning experience and become an ambassador for hope.

Novilo Congresdag
Vrijdag 30 oktober
Ronde 3

How Assessment Contributes to Success!
An old adage in education advocates, “You get what you measure.” This session discusses the challenges in today’s world due to anxiety and depression. Using the case study approach and following one family’s journey, participants discover how personal knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses can contribute to consistent personal growth and development in multiple areas. This family’s use of the Six Seconds Toolbox of Assessments demonstrates how conflict-resolution skills can be intensified, how collaborate and cooperative sharing of chores can be encouraged, and how acknowledgement of individual idiosyncrasies can increase the joy of each separate member of the unit.  See how the mission of the family (i.e., empathy, service for others, and ethical behaviors) contributes to the success of each family member.

Novilo Congresdag
Vrijdag 30 oktober

Change Makers Wanted!
This keynote highlights the need for change within today’s educational/work system. Why is it that globally only about 30% of our students are engaged in their learning and only about 50% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.  Discover the three keys to improved communication that results in improved involvement and engagement as well as increased achievement and performance. Participate in an empathy exercise that illustrates the value of connecting and leaves people yearning for more. Become the friend, teacher, or leader you have always wanted to be.

Team Six Seconds

Anabel Jensen

Recognized for her work utilizing emotional intelligence, Anabel Jensen co-founded and is President of the nonprofit Six Seconds, known for a model that puts the skills of emotional intelligence into action. Anabel earned her Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley. She has been a professor in the School of Education/Leadership at Notre Dame de Namur University; Executive Director of Nueva School; and co-founder of Synapse School.

Named by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the “Top 100 Women of Influence” in 2015, Anabel has received accolades including a Kellor Teaching Award from NDNU,  Educator Award from the California Association for the Gifted; Outstanding Achievement Award from both Pocatello Foundation and Morrisey-Compton.

Author of numerous books and articles, Anabel has trained 30,000 educators and leaders. She is committed to developing 1 billion changemakers who will inspire others to be the best in themselves and for each other.

Anabel Jensen

Cherilyn Leet

After a decade of experience as a K-12 gifted classroom teacher, Cherilyn joined Six Seconds to design curriculum, assessments, and trainings about emotional intelligence competencies for a global audience. Cherilyn was a teacher at the innovative Synapse School, located in Silicon Valley, which specializes in the integration of SEL into core academics for gifted youth.
In 2017, Cherilyn co-authored a paper for the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology on the schoolwide application of emotional intelligence assessments. She is currently co-editor of Self-Science Global Edition, a collection of 80 emotional intelligence lessons for youth released in the summer of 2020. Cherilyn co-chaired the world’s first virtual conference on SEL in higher education and a Palo Alto seminar on the intersection of neuroscience and instructional design.  Cherilyn is a Fulbright Grantee and holds her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (Gifted and Talented) from Arizona State University.

Ann Smith 

Ann is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Gifted Support Center. She serves as Past-President for the California Association for the Gifted, on the Advisory Board of the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Iowa, on the Parent Content & Advisory Board for National Association for Gifted Children, and on a National Public Policy Committee, which focuses on advancing services for gifted students, for the Institute for Educational Advancement. Ann spearheaded the creation of Leave Your Sleep for Education, an interdisciplinary language arts curriculum that uses poetry and music as stimuli to learning across disciplines for PreK – 8th grade students and houses a free, online curriculum platform for teachers to access lessons and units. Leave Your Sleep for Education curriculum is designed to lift all children to higher levels of achievement by focusing on engagement and rigor. Ann has a special interest in advocating for appropriate academic, social, and emotional accommodations for gifted children, and she is passionate about enhancing learning outcomes for all children, especially children living in disadvantaged communities. Prior to her work in the field of gifted education, Ann’s background includes over 25 years of extensive corporate management, business development and entrepreneurial experience.

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