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Nicole Tetreault komt als spreker naar het Novilo Congres 2020. Laat je inspireren door haar sessie op de studiedag op woensdag 29 oktober. De voertaal zal Engels zijn. Lees verder en ontdek waar haar lezing over gaat en wat de achtergrond van Nicole Tetreault is.

Novilo Studiedag
Woensdag 28 oktober

Insight into a Bright Mind: The Latest Neuroscience of Giftedness and Creativity
Gifted and 2e individuals perceive and respond to the world with heightened receptivity and processing which originates from our neurobiology and physiology. Neuroscience is illuminating how no two brains are alike. Each of our brains is as unique as our fingerprints. Dr. Tetreault advocates for neuroindividuality as the new normal, explaining how groundbreaking science leads us to nurture the entire individual: our gifts, our challenges, and everything in between. Revolutionize your thinking by understanding how gifted experiences may be intense because we are simply “hard-wired” differently! Learn about recent studies that report how high-IQ individuals can be uniquely at risk for psychological and physiological conditions. We who are gifted and 2e can learn how to interact with the world based upon our uniquely expanded and elevated neuroanatomical and physiological systems. Unconventional thinkers and gifted creatives need the foundation of safety to explore their individual magic and gifts. When we tap into our essence, our gift, we see both the light and the dark and experience the wonder of embodiment, where we live and thrive as liberated beings.

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Nicole Tetreault

Nicole Tetreault, Ph. D., is a neuroscientist, author, meditation teacher, and international speaker on topics of neurodiversity, neurodevelopment, creativity, mental health, and wellness. Dr. Tetreault received her PhD from Caltech specializing in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. As the founder of Awesome Neuroscience, she translates the most promising neuroscience and positive psychology for people to live their best life. Dr. Tetreault has authored numerous academic papers on intelligence, autism, brain evolution, neuroinflammation, and behavior. As a Milton Career Exploration Prize recipient from Caltech, Dr. Tetreault is creating Beyond the Cell, a transformative program to rehabilitate incarcerated women through teaching guided meditation, neuroscience, literature, and expressive writing. Her forthcoming book, Insight into a Bright Mind, explores groundbreaking research examining the experiences of unique, creative, and intense brains through interviews, storytelling, and literary science, while advocating for new directions of human and neurodiversity. For more about Nicole, please visit

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