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Richard M. Cash is spreker op het Novilo Congres 2020. Hij geeft een interessante sessie tijdens de Studiedag op 28 oktober. De voertaal van deze sessie is Engels. Hieronder lees je meer informatie over zijn lezing en zijn biografie.

Novilo Studiedag
Woensdag 28 oktober
Sessie A

Understanding and Teaching the Learner Who are Twice Exceptional
Within the past few decades, the awareness and understanding of learners who are Twice Exceptional (2E) has become an urgency in the field of gifted education. Students who are diagnosed with a co-occurring disability and labeled as gifted are considered 2E. Often the disability can mask the ability, or the ability can mask the disability. Both issues frustrate teachers in trying to instruct students who are 2E and students with twice-exceptionalities are frustrated in learn the learning process. During this session, a brief overview will be provided as to who are students with 2E diagnosis. The remainder of the workshop will present techniques and strategies for working with students who are 2E, inside and outside the classroom. Please join Dr. Richard M. Cash, an internationally recognized expert in gifted education as he shares research-based best practices in working with learners with twice-exceptionalities.

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Richard M. Cash

Richard Cash is an award-winning educator and who has worked in the field of education for more than 30 years. His range of experience includes teaching, curriculum coordination, and program administration. Currently, he is an internationally recognized education consultant ( His consulting work has taken him throughout the United States, as well as into Canada, The Czech Republic, China, Cyprus, England, Indonesia, Kuwait, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, and Turkey.

Richard received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. Along with his Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  For over 10 years, he co-directed a children’s theater company in Minnesota, and co-authored 4 award winning children’s plays. He was recipient of the National Association for Gifted Children’s Early Leader Award (2011), recognizing his leadership in programing for gifted children. Richard was also named the “Friend of the Gifted, 2016” by the Minnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented.

His areas of expertise are educational programming, rigorous and challenging curriculum design, differentiated instruction, 21st century skills, brain-compatible classrooms, gifted & talented education, and self-regulated learning. Dr. Cash authored the books Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century, (2017) winner of The Legacy Book® Award for Outstanding Educators Publication; Differentiation for Gifted Learners: Going Beyond the Basics (2014) (co-author Diane Heacox), winner of The Legacy Book® Award for Outstanding Educators Publication (2014); and Self-Regulation in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn How to Learn (2016). All books are published by Free Spirit Publishing, Inc. (

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